Sometimes you need to disconnect from the world to connect with yourself.


of the human body is water.

9 months

we grew up in water at the safest place we can imagine and ever felt.

45 seconds

a baby holds its breath intuitively when submerged in water.

Water helps us to connect with ourselves

Be aware of your body. Listen. Feel the change.

You take the last breath, your face hits the water, you dive down and it feels as if you enter a different world. Physically you are getting deeper into the blue. Mentally you start to dive inside yourself.

It isn't a different world in there, it is just another part in you. The other part that you often push away to make convenient decisons. The other part you think you can delegate and control in normal life.

You start to face yourself. Inner barriers come up which show you what holds you back to fully trust and let go. To be one with the world and yourself.

Every day we get confronted with our inner barriers, but freediving gives us the chance to see them clearly. You can start making changes, overcome your inner barriers and free yourself of things that don't matter.

Physically you can hold your breath for 6 minutes and dive down to 60 meters.
Everything in between is caused by your mind.

In the beginning it might be your body sending you signals that you reached your limits, but if you really listen you will see that it's your mind telling you to stop, not your body.

In extreme situations things come up in us that we try to hold back.
Be aware, connect with your body and face these situations. Start to see things clearly.

Self-awareness and total relaxation can lead us to a completely natural and desirable unity of body and mind.

"Freediving is not only sport,
it's a way to understand who we are"

                                                                                                          (Natalia Molchanova)