„Problem talking creates problems
   Solution talking creates solutions“
                                                                                                 (Steve de Shazer, 1999)


LifeCoaching is about exploring yourself. As basic and pure as it can get.

People talk about business and private life as separate things, how come?
I have only one Life. One Life created and ruled by myself.
So wherever I am and whatever I do, it is me. In every single moment.
We are blessed
 having the choice and ability to live this one life, our life.

You only have to make a decision...

Who am I ?
What do I want? Where do I want to be?
And is the way that I am going really the way that I like to go?


Our mind tells us what is right or wrong. What is good and bad for us.
Sometimes we have moments in which we make decisions and act in a way that we think is right, but at the same time it doesn’t feel good.

We mostly make decisions with our mind because it makes sense.
But taking decisions is not limited by our consciousness.
Our subconsciousness, which contains our feelings and emotions, receives way more impulses than our mind. In the end it is our subconsciousness that tells us where to go and what to do.

What does it tell you?


Systemic Coaching
Systemic Coaching is a present to yourself. It changes your attitude and the way
you handle situation that you like to change .


Systemic Coaching is solution orientated and based on the thought that the solution of any situation can be found in ourselves. We are the specialists of our life and we know it better than  anyone else.

Many ways might lead to a solution but only the way that you find for yourself is supported by your inner impulse and makes you achieve your own goals.

Ask yourself:
If you have a old rusty lock which needs to be unlocked, does it make more sense to talk about how rusty and old this lock is or to start finding the right key?

Let’s start and find your key.




Make a change
Some situations for which systemic coaching can be the key.


Stress Prevention & Reduction                                    Potential development

Overcome Barriers                              Clarify Strengths

Problem-solving                 Self-discovery

Clarify situations   Decision making

New perspectives

Are you willing to make a change? Take the first step.




To get to know each other and clarify open questions I offer a 'getting to know' coaching of 30min free of charge and obligation. It is important for me that you feel comfortable which is the fundament of a good coaching.

skypeSkype or telephone.
1,50€ per minute

house1 by 1.
119€ for 60 minutes

109€ for 60 minutes

Reward somebody.

Make coaching become a gift for somebody and show that you care. Every person and situation is unique so let's find a unique solution.

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Get started.

Make a change with one by one private coaching. Special rates and programs are available for students, private customers and business partners.

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Get into the water.

Coachings can be combined with Freediving Courses.
Water supports us in getting closer to ourselves and dissolves inner barriers.

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