Timo Niessner

Hello, my name is Timo Niessner and I'd like to introduce my world to you.

Exploration. Trust. Appreciation.

Three words that accompany me. Three impulses that keep me moving.
Three values that influence my life.

My Path
There is always a story to be told.

Grown up close to Stuttgart, Germany, I started to explore the world by traveling and diving.
While studying, the sea didn't stop calling and made me
become a dive professional for the last ten years.
With my graduation in the pocket business life soon took all of my attention
with responsibility for international events, projects and teams.

Since then work became a major part of my life.

Stress started to be a constant companion at work and in private life.
I was overwhelmed by expectations that, as I found out later, were caused by myself.
Soon I felt detached from life, and an upcoming emptiness in me
made me realize what I was missing the most, getting back to where I love to be,
back to the water.

Freediving quenched my thirst and opened my eyes for handling body, mind and nature
with more appreciation and trust. Freediving helped me to see my life more clearly.
To free me from things that don't matter.

"Treat yourself good and do what you love"

is the way I live my life now.


What made me become who I am.

Diplom SpOec.

I graduated in Dipl. SpOec. or better known as a Master of Sports, Business and Law.Within my studies I took Marketing and Event Management as majors.

To make a living and afford diving I started to work on events all over the world. Highlights were the 24h of LeMans and the Olympics and Paralympics in Vancouver, Canada.

University of Bayreuth >

AIDA Freedive Instructor. PADI OWSI.aida-logo

I started diving with scuba diving in Cairns, Australia. After stops in Honduras, India, Thailand, Columbia, Spain and Germany as Divemaster and Instructor I made the decision to make more out of diving. I wanted to get more physical and less dependent on devices. To work with my body and mind. To get closer to the sea. To get free. I started Freediving in Thailand and Egypt. From the beginning on I fell in love with it and went for my AIDA Instructor in Dahab, Egypt.

Learn with me where I started >

Systemic Personal and Business Coach.

During my Freedive Instructor Training I mingled with people who went through remarkable times in their lifes. Just like me they were working on themselves to find solutions for situations they can't handle alone.

The approach of systemic coaching captivated me soon and inspired me to become a systemic coach myself.

Find your solution with LifeCoaching >

Managing. Consulting. Coaching.

For the last years I worked in different leading positions for the automotive industry, mainly as Team and Tour Manager in Austria and Eastern Europe. Most of the year I lived in a 24/7 standby mode to be ready whatever comes up.

Meanwhile I was consulting and coaching agencies for international events and new brand campaigns.

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