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Gozo - Austria - Germany


Close to Munich is the lake of Starnberg which welcomes us
with a stunning landscape as well as calm, clear and deep water.
This place as well as Plittersdorf are made for the AIDA courses and combined coaching sessions in the nature.

After a water session we can walk up the mountains and enjoy the landscape.
Courses are offered as weekend packages.

19. + 20. / 26. + 27. August
2. + 3. / 9. + 10. / 23. + 24. September

Lake of Starnberg
12. + 13. August
16. + 17. September

Pool on request

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Lake of Klopein

on request

The Lake of Klopein is located in carinthia, austria. Surrounded by snow covered mountains, you can enjoy an incredible view all over the year. Warm summer raise the water temperature to 28 degrees and shows that the lake of Klopein is one of the warmest lakes in europe. We can reach a depth up to 45 meters, which is only a short swim from the jetty.

All AIDA courses and coaching sessions are available.

Depending on your time and request, courses and coachings can be
combined for individual periods.

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Freediving for Kids

Summer Program

This year we combine again flow yoga by Eva Nowaczek with the ultimate freediving experience for kids. We start with yoga to get into the flow, warm up and focus on the body. Afterwards we learn the right breathing techniques to relax, what is so important to be safe in the water and how to freedive. The groups start from 7 up to 14 years for a half day course. This year we made it to have different locations as well as two big cooperation partners.

Here some impressions of our last years kids freediving-yoga summer program in Gäufelden.

2. + 4. August - sold out

7. + 9. August

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14. - 21.October

21. - 28.October

Rocky cliffs, caves and direct drop offs into the deep blue sea. Gozo is the little sister of Malta located in the center of the mediterranean. The island offers us perfect conditions for freediving and wraps us up with its mixed culture and cozy lifestyle.

In cooperation with Extra-Divers we offer coursescoachings and yoga sessions.diving gozo freediving apnoe apnea

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